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“Dear Grandma”
January 24, 2017by Dr. Patricia Lyle Dear Grandma, I look at you with tear-filled eyes, not as the physician I have been trained to be, but as the granddaughter who grew up listening to your stories of the old days, of pesky kids and army pals. I watch you fade in and out of sleep, watch each […] Read More >

The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down
December 19, 2016The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down Book Review by Anya Selleck A few years back in university, a friend of mine in medical school gave me a book to read. I didn’t read it. Like so many of my generation, while studying, we place ourselves on a definitive trajectory to our desired goal. […] Read More >

B4stage4: Changing the way we think about mental health and addiction
December 19, 2016September, 2016 Canadian Mental Health Association – BC Division Everyone in British Columbia has a right to mental health and addiction care that is valued equally with physical health care (1). If a person becomes unwell, the mental health services they access should be equal to physical health services (2). This should hold true regardless […] Read More >