Submission Guidelines

 Submissions for Fall 2024 Issue!

We are excited to announce that our Spring 2024 issue will be themed “Genomics in Medicine”. Our call for submissions is now open!

Submission deadline: May 1, 2024 

In an era where personalized medicine is becoming increasingly prevalent, grasping the intricacies of genomics is vital to your professional development and the advancement of patient care. By delving into the intricacies of genomics, we can gain insights into how genetic variations influence disease susceptibility, treatment responses, and adverse drug reactions. As medical students, this knowledge is crucial in allowing us to tailor treatment plans to individual patients, optimizing efficacy while minimizing risks. Moreover, studying genomics equips us with the tools to navigate the ethical and societal implications of genetic research, ensuring responsible and informed decision-making in our future practice. Whether your work delves into the latest advancements in genomic technologies, precision medicine applications, genetic disorders, pharmacogenomics, or ethical considerations in genomic research, we welcome contributions that advance our understanding of this rapidly evolving field.

 Thinking about submitting?

Please read our comprehensive UBCMJ Author Submission Guidelines, which lists our article categories and manuscript requirements. Note that in line with initiatives to support greener publishing strategies, we are no longer printing both our Fall and Spring Issues. We continue to proudly publish and promote our issues online.

Before you submit, ensure you have completed every step listed in the checklist below

  1. Ensure that the manuscript follows the following UBCMJ Manuscript Template. Ensure the title page (first page of the manuscript) is correctly formatted and contains all of the correct identifying author information while the body of the manuscript contains no identifying information.
  2. Carefully review our author submission guidelines (above) and ensure that your submission meets the listed requirements.
  3. Draft a cover letter that indicates the category of your submission as well as the name, qualifications, and contact information of the faculty sponsor.
  4. Carefully review and complete our Single Author Article Submission Form (PDF) or Multiple Author Article Submission Form (PDF).
  5. If applicable, carefully review and complete our Patient Consent for Publication Form (PDF), and ensure that your submission meets the requirements presented therein. Patient consent is not to be sent to the journal with your submission, but must be retained by the authors for a period of five (5) years.
  6. Review and complete the conflicts of interest disclosure form: COI Disclosure Form (from ICJME) and ensure that all authors of your submission have thoroughly met the disclosure requirements presented therein. *Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to view/edit*
  7. Submit your manuscript to OJS, and include the following documents as supplemental documents:
    • Cover Letter
    • Signed and Completed Single or Multiple Author Submission Form
    • COI Disclosure Form
    • High-quality Images, Figures, and Tables

Do not hesitate to contact the managing editor at if you have any submissions-related inquiries.