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Now and then: a letter to my former self, on existence in clerkship
October 9, 2020Sean Duke (class of 2021) shares some tips for navigating clerkship A third-year Medical Student Intern (MSI3) is a brand-new clinical clerk, emerged from the chrysalis of classroom-based education, delicate wings poised, eager to explore the healthcare system at last. I was recently reminded of how confusing this role can be when two lovely – […] Read More >

COVID and Technical Changes to the Practice of Family Medicine
July 22, 2020Haley Smith (class of 2022) and Cassia Tremblay (class of 2021) share some telemedicine tips from two BC doctors. Since March, there have been significant changes to the way health care is delivered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We spoke with Dr. Jennifer Rogerson, a full-scope family doctor based in Ladner, and Dr. […] Read More >

As Doctor and Human
July 3, 2020First up in our “Dear Me, MD” blog series, a poem by Vivienne Beard, a third year medical student.   I want you to know this, entering clerk You may be a medical student, but it isn’t menial work Each pulse that you take, every blood pressure you check Is molding and forming you beyond […] Read More >

A New Series: Dear Me, MD
July 2, 2020    UBCMJ is launching a new blog series, titled “Dear me, MD”! We’re in the midst of a chaotic time in our social and healthcare systems. As physicians we have a role to play in community advocacy and empowerment. We’d like to ask students to reflect on the kind of doctor they want to […] Read More >

From rejection to reflection: Why getting rejected from medical school was the best thing that could have happened to me
June 22, 2020Brendon Bitoiu (Class of 2021) reflects on his journey from a non-traditional medical student school applicant to a clerk on the wards. I wanted to be a doctor for as long as I could remember. The deepest part of me always had an unwavering belief I would become one. But the road to get there […] Read More >

Chess as a Metaphor for Self-Isolation
June 1, 2020Sorush Rokui (Class of 2021) shares his thoughts from self-isolation. Since self-isolation has started, I have taken a liking to chess. I knew the general rules and had played against friends and family on occasion as a youth. But I didn’t really know how the game worked – and to be frank, I still don’t. […] Read More >

Using Multimedia Approaches to Keep Up with Research
May 27, 2020Cody Lo (Class of 2021) shares some tips for keeping up with research using social media: One of the challenging aspects of being a productive medical student-researcher is balancing your academic responsibilities and keeping up with your research. Taking leadership of a research project requires you to stay up to date on current research in […] Read More >

Interview with an MD/PhD Candidate: Introducing Daniel Kwon from the Benard Lab
May 15, 2020We chat with MD/PhD Candidate and current UBCMJ junior managing editor, Daniel Kwon (VMFP Class of 2023), who is studying the use of novel radiopharmaceuticals to target specific elements in cancers for imaging and therapy. Tell us a little bit about your research project. The primary focus of my thesis is to develop new radiopharmaceuticals […] Read More >

From the FLEX Files: Introducing Ryan Yan
May 13, 2020Up next in our “From the Flex Files” series, we chat with Ryan Yan from the VFMP program (Class of 2021). As a member of UBC SOS eVent, Ryan shares his experience developing devices for patients and providers during COVID-19. Tell us a little bit about your research project. Back in mid-March, when our clinical […] Read More >

From the FLEX Files: Introducing Karol Boschung
May 5, 2020For our first post in our “From the Flex Files” blog series, we chat with Karol Boschung from the IMP program (Class of 2021). He shares his experience conducting rapid literature reviews on COVID-19 for researchers and clinicians on the frontline! Tell us a little bit about your research project. I am working with the […] Read More >