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The UBCMJ is published by the University of British Columbia. A volunteer group of medical students and professionals who are passionate about engaging the world in dialogue in medicine oversee the day-to-day management and editorial content of the UBCMJ under the overarching supervision of the UBC Faculty of Medicine. Interested in joining us? Feel free to contact us to find out more about current and future volunteering opportunities with the UBCMJ.


Brendan Tao Co- Editor in Chief, Sr external.editor@ubcmj.com
Wendy Tsai Co- Editor in Chief, Sr external.editor@ubcmj.com
Amelia Tjoa Co- Editor in Chief, Jr external.editor@ubcmj.com
Helen Hsiao Co- Editor in Chief, Jr external.editor@ubcmj.com
Chad Brown Managing Editor, Sr managing.editor@ubcmj.com
Ajay Shanmugaraj Managing Editor, Sr managing.editor@ubcmj.com
Aliya Kani Managing Editor, Jr
Lucas Rempel Managing Editor, Jr managing.editor@ubcmj.com
Hoyoung Jung Communications Manager, Sr ubcmjcomm@gmail.com
Stella Fang Communications Manager, Jr ubcmjcomm@gmail.com
Maggie Chopra Publications Manager, Sr
Tamjeed Elahee Publications Manager, Jr
Section Editors
Lorenzo Lindo Academics, Sr academic@ubcmj.com
Noah Marini Academics, Jr academic@ubcmj.com
Elizabeth Gregory Case Reports, Sr reports@ubcmj.com
Ben Stothers Case Reports, Jr reports@ubcmj.com
Saif Dababneh Reviews, Sr reviews@ubcmj.com
Shelby Marozoff Reviews, Jr reviews@ubcmj.com
Sila Rogan Commentaries, Sr commentaries@ubcmj.com
Peipei Wang Commentaries, Sr commentaries@ubcmj.com
Ananya Sandhu Commentaries, Jr commentaries@ubcmj.com
Sanya Grover News and Letters, Sr news@ubcmj.com
Dylan Nemes News and Letters, Jr news@ubcmj.com
Dana Wu Chief Copyeditor, Sr
Chief Copyeditor, Jr
Nick Habibi Copyeditor, Sr
Matthew Tester Copyeditor, Sr
Min Jung Kim Copyeditor, Sr
Phoenix Yin Copyeditor, Sr
Alyssa Chen Copyeditor, Sr
Thumri Waliwitiya Copyeditor, Sr
Judy Ban Copyeditor, Sr
Alex Cheng Copyeditor, Sr
Laura Weir Copyeditor, Sr
Kaveh Rayani Copyeditor, Sr
Haydn Molcak Copyeditor, Sr
Ziqi Liu Copyeditor, Jr
Emily Leung Copyeditor, Jr
Stephanie McCann Layout & Graphics Editor, Sr
Layout & Graphics Editor, Jr
Staff Writers
Ishmam Bhuiyan Staff Writer
Shmuel Rosenblatt Staff Writer
Elsie Wang Staff Writer
Aiden Mitrevski Staff Writer
Catie Futhey Staff Writer
Adrian Marcuzzi Videography Team, Sr
Ella Chan Videography Team, Jr
Distributed Site Representatives
Marie Schulze IMP Rep, Sr
Kevala Van Volkenburg NMP Rep, Sr
Leanne Varney NMP Rep, Jr
Phoenix Yin SMP Rep, Sr
Noah Marini SMP Rep, Jr
Faculty of Medicine Contacts
Robin Ryan robin.ryan@ubc.ca