Our Team

The UBCMJ is published by the University of British Columbia. A volunteer group of medical students and professionals who are passionate about engaging the world in dialogue in medicine oversee the day-to-day management and editorial content of the UBCMJ under the overarching supervision of the UBC Faculty of Medicine. Interested in joining us? Feel free to contact us to find out more about current and future volunteering opportunities with the UBCMJ.


Christine Wang Co- Editor in Chief, Sr external.editor@ubcmj.com
Seo Am Hur Co- Editor in Chief, Sr external.editor@ubcmj.com
Emma Finlayson-Trick Co- Editor in Chief, Jr external.editor@ubcmj.com
Olivia Tsai Co- Editor in Chief, Jr external.editor@ubcmj.com
Mark Trinder Managing Editor, Sr managing.editor@ubcmj.com
Aishwi Roshan Managing Editor, Sr managing.editor@ubcmj.com
Daniel Kwon Managing Editor, Jr managing.editor@ubcmj.com
Alvin Qiu Communications Manager, Sr
Drake Comber Communications Manager, Jr
Mark Cahalan Publications Manager, Sr
Maryam Vaseghi-Shanjani Publications Manager, Jr
Section Editors
Alvin Liu Academics, Sr academic@ubcmj.com
Brian Hayes Academics, Jr academic@ubcmj.com
Michael Minkley Case Reports, Sr reports@ubcmj.com
Katherine Gray Case Reports, Jr reports@ubcmj.com
Rohit Singla Reviews, Sr reviews@ubcmj.com
Valerie Doyon Reviews, Jr reviews@ubcmj.com
Allyssa Hooper Commentaries, Sr commentaries@ubcmj.com
Jessica Li Commentaries, Sr commentaries@ubcmj.com
Katie Baillie Commentaries, Jr commentaries@ubcmj.com
Olivia Yau Commentaries, Jr commentaries@ubcmj.com
Vivienne Beard News and Letters, Sr news@ubcmj.com
Dhiraj Mannar News and Letters, Jr news@ubcmj.com
Andy An Chief Copyeditor, Sr
Alex Cheng Chief Copyeditor, Jr
Cassia Tremblay Copyeditor, Sr
Derek van Pel Copyeditor, Sr
Katrina Besler Copyeditor, Sr
Nathan Ko Copyeditor, Sr
Jonathan Choi Copyeditor, Sr
Sophie Zhang-Jiang Copyeditor, Sr
Lianne Cho Copyeditor, Sr
Vincent Hou Copyeditor, Jr
Steven Mancini Copyeditor, Jr
James Taylor Copyeditor, Jr
Priscilla Chan Copyeditor, Jr
Komal Adeel Copyeditor, Jr
Talise Lindenbach Layout & Graphics Editor, Sr
Rachel Zhao Layout & Graphics Editor, Jr
External Support
Amanda Wong Finances, Ads and Sponsorship, Sr sponsorship@ubcmj.com
Sophia Ly Finances, Ads and Sponsorship, Sr sponsorship@ubcmj.com
Shailee Siddhpuria Finances, Ads and Sponsorship, Jr sponsorship@ubcmj.com
Melodie Kim Finances, Ads and Sponsorship, Jr sponsorship@ubcmj.com
Ryan Sandarage Information Technology Manager, Sr
Rachel Zhao Information Technology Manager, Jr
Staff Writers
Braedon Paul Staff Writer
Andrew Golin Staff Writer
Erik Haensel Staff Writer
Farhad Udwadia Staff Writer
Saman Fouladirad Staff Writer
Brendan McNeely Staff Writer
Amardeep Sekhon Staff Writer
Wajid Khan Staff Writer
Seb Swic Managing Video Editor
Vivian Huang Videography Team, Sr
Melissa Kong Videography Team, Jr
Kevin Zhang Videography Team, Jr
Distributed Site Representatives
Rohit Singla IMP Rep, Sr
Valerie Doyon IMP Rep, Jr
Erik Haensel NMP Rep, Sr
Katherine Gray NMP Rep, Jr
Carlee Clyde SMP Rep, Sr
Brian Hayes SMP Rep, Jr
Faculty of Medicine Contacts
Linda Herbert Student Education & Research Coordinator med.studentresearch@ubc.ca