Teaching Social Pediatrics: the Global Health Initiative Inner City Project

Vignan Yogendrakumar, Erica Tsang, Barbara Fitzgerald


Social Pediatrics, a medical sub–specialty utilizing a community–based and holistic approach to pediatric care, is increasingly recognized for its effectiveness in addressing the medical and social issues of disadvantaged populations. Exposure to social pediatrics is prevalent throughout residency, but is limited for most medical students. The purpose of this article is to describe an innovative program available to junior medical students at the University of British Columbia (UBC) for learning and practicing social pediatrics within communities of Vancouver. Through this program, medical students are trained on relevant topics, such as the importance of cultural awareness, the effects of poverty on health, and the assessment of developmental pediatric disorders. Student then participate in developmental assessments of children and assist in the formulation of management plans with families and health care teams. In the process, students gain valuable skills in developmental pediatrics, with an emphasis on collaboration and integration with school and community supports.

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Yogendrakumar V, Tsang E, Fitzgerald B. Teaching Social Pediatrics: the Global Health Initiative Inner City Project. UBCMJ. 2015: 7.1 (30-32).