UBCMJ Volume 7, Issue 1


Alternative and Complementary Medicine
UBCMJ Volume 7, Issue 1 [18.1 MB]


Incorporating Complementary and Alternative Medicine into Canadian Undergraduate Medical Education
Noren Khamis, Amanda Ribeiro
UBCMJ. 2015: 7.1 (4-6)

An Overview of Complementary and Alternative Medicines
Zachary Stansfield, Jieqing Xu, Ruphen Shaw, Andrew Pursell
UBCMJ. 2015: 7.1 (7-10)


Natural Health Products: The Gap between Perceptions and Reality
Stan Bardal
UBCMJ. 2015: 7.1 (11-12)

Bringing Mindfulness into Medical Practice: UBC’s New Family Medicine Residency Program Delivers Mindfulness–Based Stress Reduction Curriculum
Devon Christie
UBCMJ. 2015: 7.1 (13-15)

What Is Good Medicine?
Hal Gunn
UBCMJ. 2015: 7.1 (16-17)

Bridging the Divide: Can Naturopathic and Medical Doctors Collaborate to Make Integrative Care A Reality?
Aaron Van Gaver, Vanessa Vaartnou
UBCMJ. 2015: 7.1 (18-20)


Investigating Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use Among Seniors
Katrina M. Ward, Dr. Renee S. MacPhee
UBCMJ. 2015: 7.1 (21-24)


A Doctor by Any Other Name
Csilla Egri
UBCMJ. 2015: 7.1 (25-27)

Dental Care in Canada: the Need for Incorporation into Publicly Funded Health Care
Elisabeth McClymont
UBCMJ. 2015: 7.1 (28-29)

Teaching Social Pediatrics: the Global Health Initiative Inner City Project
Vignan Yogendrakumar, Erica Tsang, Barbara Fitzgerald
UBCMJ. 2015: 7.1 (30-32)

Addressing the Osteoporosis Health Care Gap in British Columbia with Fracture Liaison Services
Gabby Napolene
UBCMJ. 2015: 7.1 (33-35)


Traditional Chinese Medicine: Learning from Dr. Henry Lu, PhD, Dr.TCM
Alvin H. Ip
UBCMJ. 2015: 7.1 (36-38)

Chronic Pain Management and Canadian Public Health Insurance: Do We Need More Comprehensive Health Care?
Andrea Jones
UBCMJ. 2015: 7.1 (39)

Evidence–Based Medicine and the Growing Popularity of Complementary and Alternative Treatments
Stephanie Lake
UBCMJ. 2015: 7.1 (40-41)

Regulating Health Professions in British Columbia
Pretty Verma
UBCMJ. 2015: 7.1 (42-43)


The Need for Ethnically Diverse Stem Cell Donors
Warren Fingrut
UBCMJ. 2015: 7.1 (44-47)

Garlic-induced Esophagitis and Gastroenteritis: A Review of Four Cases
Gurinder S. Grewal, Adam Amlani
UBCMJ. 2015: 7.1 (48-51)

Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the Management of Lymphomas: Prevalence, Rationale, and Contraindications
Christine D. Lukac, David Twa
UBCMJ. 2015: 7.1 (52-55)

Mindfulness: What It Is and How It Is Impacting Healthcare
Matias P. Raski
UBCMJ. 2015: 7.1 (56-59)


The Intersection of Biomedicine and Traditional Medicine in the Peruvian Amazon
Melanie van Soeren, Melissa Aragon
UBCMJ. 2015: 7.1 (60-61)