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On the Future of Open-Access

Kabir Toor. UBCMJ 2014 5(2):30. Full text (PDF, 4.4MB)

Telehealth: Connecting with BC Physicians Online

Pretty Verma. UBCMJ 2014 5(2):29. Full text (PDF, 4.4MB)

Maintaining Professionalism Online: An Interview with Dr. Kevin Pho

Kiran Dhillon. UBCMJ 2014 5(2):27-28. Full text (PDF, 4.4MB)

Medicine in the Fast Lane

Shelly Fan. UBCMJ 2014 5(2):26-27. Full text (PDF, 4.4MB)

Smartphone Use in the Emergency Department

Kerry E. Walker UBCMJ 2014 5(2):24-25. Full text (PDF, 4.4MB) ABSTRACT Smartphones, belonging to patients and physicians, are increasingly prevalent in Emergency Departments. These phones have tremendous clinical and educational potential through the use of recording tools, clinical applications, and information search engines. When using smartphones in the Emergency Department, users must respect the privacy and […]

The benefits of open source electronic medical record (EMR) systems: OSCAR McMaster as a case study

Matthew Toom. UBCMJ 2014 5(2):21-23. Full text (PDF, 4.4MB)

Cosmetic Psychopharmacology: The Ethics of Antidepressant Therapy

Fareed B. Kamar. UBCMJ 2014 5(2):17-21. Full text (PDF, 6.8MB) ABSTRACT Antidepressant medication, a commonly prescribed antidote for the depressed mood, continues to prove its value in primary and psychiatric health care. Its popularity in society requires its administrators and users to reflect on its function not only as a mood enhancer, but also as a […]

A Tip to Pre-Med Students: Don’t Put All Your Eggs in the Science Beaker

Michael J. Horkoff. UBCMJ 2014 5(2):16-17. Full text (PDF, 2.7MB) ABSTRACT Every year in Canada, over 10,000 students apply to medical schools across the country. While each of these applicants has a unique story to tell about why they are considering medicine as a career, they are all trying to figure out the best academic […]

Three Concrete Tips for Teaching Clerkship Medical Students

Neil Dinesh Dattani. UBCMJ 2014 5(2):14-15. Full text (PDF, 2.8MB) ABSTRACT Medical education, and specifically the training of future physicians, is given a lot of importance, for good reason. Current teaching paradigms aim to teach medical students the principles of adult learning, which in this context refers to the ability to access resources and learn independently […]