Non-invasive Prenatal Diagnosis: A New Era

Shifana Lalani, William Lau. UBCMJ 2013 4(2):29-31.
Full Text (PDF, 288KB)
Recent advancements in genetics have changed the field of non–invasive prenatal diagnosis (NIPD). Since cell–free fetal DNA (cffDNA)
was detected in maternal plasma in the 1990s, researchers have been trying to enhance detection and quantification techniques in order
to utilize this DNA in early prenatal diagnosis. As technology advances, there are a number of concerns requiring discussion, including
ethical considerations of non–invasive prenatal testing, commercial utilization, and implementation into prenatal screening protocols.
This commentary introduces cffDNA, the techniques used for detection, and ethical considerations for the future.
KEYWORDS: non-invasive prenatal diagnosis, cell-free fetal DNA, chromosomal aneuploidy, genetic screening

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