Evidence Based Clinical Diagnosis: A Multimedia Summer Project

Justine Spencer, Sarah Campos, Andrew Jeffery, Katelyn Sorenson, Brian Buchan.UBCMJ 2013 4(2):28-29.
Full Text (PDF, 238KB)
Five Island Medical Program students from across three years collaborated with local physicians on a UBC Summer Student Internship
Project about evidence–based clinical diagnosis. This is the use of manoeuvres that have been objectively proven to increase or decrease
the likelihood that a patient has a given disease, a topic on which we created short educational clinical skills videos. The videos use the
examples of appendicitis and congestive heart failure to explain how using evidence–based clinical diagnosis can be easy and effective.
Our experiences led us to reflect on the current clinical teaching in contemporary medical education. It is our opinion that this important
area is on the verge of becoming mainstream in medical education.
KEYWORDS: summer, evidence, physical, videos, diagnosis

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