Emergency Ultrasound in Canada

Richard Alexander


The introduction of emergency room ultrasound (EUS) into Canadian emergency departments (EDs) has been a slow and complicated process mired with controversy and barriers to use. In the past several years, the evidence behind the benefits of EUS has grown substantially and continues to accumulate. Meanwhile, technological advancement continues to both enhance our ability to capture high quality images and reduce the cost of ultrasound equipment. Combining this with incorporation of EUS training into residency program curricula and increasing access to EUS professional development courses, the integration of EUS into every Canadian ED is now a reality that should soon be realized. This review will look into the use of ultrasound in Canadian EDs, as well as the inclusion of EUS in emergency medicine training and continuing medical education. This paper will also examine the current barriers and fears that have stalled the ubiquitous adoption of EUS in EDs across the country.

Full text (PDF, 532KB)

Alexander R. Emergency Ultrasound in Canada. UBCMJ 2013 5(1):19-21.