UBCMJ Volume 5, Issue 1


Mental Health & Addiction
UBCMJ Volume 5, Issue 1 [4.67 MB]


State of Mind–Let’s Talk About it
Alexandra Cole, Alvin Ip
UBCMJ 2013 5(1):5.


A UBC, Vancouver Coastal Health and St. Paul’s Hospital Strategy for Education in Addiction Medicine
Evan Wood, Todd Sakakibara, Garth McIver, Mark McLean, Steve Mathias, Launette Rieb
UBCMJ 2013 5(1):6-8.

The Human Face of Addiction, Recovery, and Advocacy
Lorinda Strang, Luke Winckler
UBCMJ 2013 5(1):8-9.


Injury Patterns and Discharge Dispositions in BC Motorcycle Accident Victims: A Retrospective Chart Analysis
Shawna Sweet, Noah Alexander, Sarah Foster, Marcio Penner, Erika Penner, Murray Penner
UBCMJ 2013 5(1):10-14.

A Pilot Study of the Effect of Exposure to Stand-Up Comedy Performed by Individuals with Mental Illness on Medical Students’ Stigmatization of Those Affected
Amber L. Jarvie, Jane A. Buxton, Andrew C.H. Szeto, Jehannine C. Austin
UBCMJ 2013 5(1):15-18.


Emergency Ultrasound in Canada
Richard Alexander
UBCMJ 2013 5(1):19-21.

Hepatitis B: A Concise Review
Julia Pon, Michelle Lai
UBCMJ 2013 5(1):21-24.

The Adverse Health Effects of Persistent Cannabis Use: Review & Recommendations for Change
Benjamin J. Tuyp
UBCMJ 2013 5(1):24-29.


A Hospital-Based Multidisciplinary Approach to Chronic Pain Management
Harman S. Parhar
UBCMJ 2013 5(1):30-31.


Childhood Nutrition in Rurral Uganda–A global Health Commentary
Jane Anholt, McKyla McIntyre, Kevin O’Riordan
UBCMJ 2013 5(1):32-33.

Troubles with Diagnostic Tests: Observations from a Clinic in Tanzania
Mirko Manojlovic Kolarski
UBCMJ 2013 5(1):33-34.


A Therapeutic Waiting Room: Medical Students Run an Art Group for Vulnerable Populations
Lee-Anna Huisman, Kalen Leech-Porter, Justine Spencer, Melanie Van Soeren
UBCMJ 2013 5(1):35-36.

Treating More than the Tumour: The Role of Technology in Efficient Cancer Care
Brent Parker, Christina Weisstock
UBCMJ 2013 5(1):37-38.

Medical Students in Youth Corrections: A Community Service Learning Opportunity
Ryan LeBlanc, Jesse Wolfe, Bhupinder Johal, Jayden McIntyre
UBCMJ 2013 5(1):39-50.

How to Make It in Medical School: Pearls of Wisdom from Dr.Salloum
Khatereh Aminoltejari
UBCMJ 2013 5(1):40-41.

The OSCE as a Tool for the Evaluation of a Pre-Departure Training Program: A Pilot Study
Ammara Ghumman, Audrey Tran, Christopher Foster, Neil AryaJulia Pon, Michelle Lai
UBCMJ 2013 5(1):42-44.

Politics and Public Health: HIV Prevention and ‘The Wisdom of Whores’
Quinten K. Clarke
UBCMJ 2013 5(1):44-45.


UBC Medicine/Dentistry Spring Gala 2013 Charity: The Kelty Patrick Dennehy Foundation
Kiran Dhillon
UBCMJ 2013 5(1):46.

The Benefits and Struggles of a Career in Addictions Medicine: An Interview with Dr. Gabor Mate
Julia Pon, Michelle Lai
UBCMJ 2013 5(1):47-48.