International Medical Graduates: The BC Doctor Shortage Solution

Darren Chew, Vinoban Amirthalingamb, Tamal Firozb, Aunshu Goyala, Janet Singh


International medical graduates (IMGs) originate from several parts of the world including the United Kingdom, Australia, and Ireland. Despite receiving comprehensive medical training similar to North American graduates, there are still several obstacles they encounter when applying for Canadian residency positions. In particular, British Columbia has a low availability of residency spots making it especially difficult for international graduates to return and practice medicine within the province. Despite concerns in accurately assessing whether IMGs are appropriately qualified, they are an essential component of the Canadian healthcare system. In the midst of a serious physician shortage that will only deteriorate further with the high number of retiring physicians, IMGs need to be considered to alleviate the situation.

Full text (PDF, 378KB)

Chew D, Amirthalingamb V, Firozb T, Goyala A, Singh J. International Medical Graduates: The BC Doctor Shortage Solution. UBCMJ. 2010 1(2):40-41.