UBCMJ Volume 1, Issue 2


Global Health
UBCMJ Volume 1, Issue 2 [3.1MB]


Letter from the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research
John Challis
UBCMJ 2010 1(2):6.


Universal Health Care for All
Diane Wu, Pamela Verma, Rupinder Brar
UBCMJ 2010 1(2):7.


A Made-in-Canada Strategy to Stop HIV and AIDS
Christopher Au-Yeung, Evan Wood, Thomas Kerr, Viviane Lima, Richard Harrigan, Julio Montaner
UBCMJ 2010 1(2):8-10.

Challenges in Controlling Multiple Drug- Resistant Tuberculosis in Endemic Settings
Lena Shah, Howard W. Choi, Timothy F. Brewer
UBCMJ 2010 1(2):11-12.


Considerations for Culturally Appropriate HIV/AIDS Education Strategies in Belize: An Analytical Study Exploring the Relationship Between Knowledge and Stigma
Colin W. McInnes, Treena R. Orchard, Eric Druyts, Reon Baird, Wendy Zhang, Robert S. Hogg, Pamela VanDeusen
UBCMJ 2010 1(2):13-17.

Sorafenib, A New Treatment for Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma: The Preliminary British Columbia Experience
Michael W. H. Suen, Baljinder Salh, Eric M. Yoshida, Alan A. Weiss, Sharlene Gill
UBCMJ 2010 1(2):18-21.


Preparing Tomorrow’s Healthcare Providers for Interprofessional Collaborative Patient-Centred Practice Today
Aaron K. Chan, Victoria Wood
UBCMJ 2010 1(2):22-24.


Powering the Millennium Development Goals: Developed Countries Need to Step Off the Gas
Caroline Ann Walker
UBCMJ 2010 1(2):27-29.

Diagnosing the Obama Plan
Karan Singh Grewal
UBCMJ 2010 1(2):30-32.

Teaching Socially Responsible Medicine in the Himalayas: A Lofty Pursuit
Carol-Ann Courneya
UBCMJ 2010 1(2):32-33.

Pushing Past Barriers: A Glimpse of Uganda Through a Medical Student’s Eyes
Sabrina Kolker
UBCMJ 2010 1(2):34a.

Lessons from the Travelling Patient
Wesley Jang
UBCMJ 2010 1(2):34b.


Minimally Invasive Surgery for Scoliosis: The New Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy?
Neda Amiri
UBCMJ 2010 1(2):35.

Pulling Back the Curtain on Physicians and the Games
Ranita Harpreet Manochaa, Jay Ashvin Joseph
UBCMJ 2010 1(2):36-37.

Learning from our Future Patients
Amber Jarvie
UBCMJ 2010 1(2):37.

Internships at the World Health Organization, Leader in International Public Health
Andrew Cheung, M. Kent Ranson
UBCMJ 2010 1(2):38.

Letter to the Editor
Oscar G. Casiro
UBCMJ 2010 1(2):39a.

The Launch of the Men’s Health Initiative of British Columbia
Simon Jones
UBCMJ 2010 1(2):39b.


International Medical Graduates: The BC Doctor Shortage Solution
Darren Chew, Vinoban Amirthalingamb, Tamal Firozb, Aunshu Goyala, Janet Singh
UBCMJ 2010 1(2):40-41.


The Doctor to Women Around the World
UBCMJ 2010 1(2):42.


Tackling Ataxia After “Chasing the Dragon”: The Use of Buspirone in the Rehabilitation of a Patient with Heroin-Induced Toxic Leukoencephalopathy
R. Davidson, P.J. Winston
UBCMJ 2010 1(2):43-45.

Clinical Vignette: Splenic Abscesses
Sandra Jenneson, Andrzej K. Buczkowsi, S. Morad Hameed, Alison Harris, John English, Eric M. Yoshida
UBCMJ 2010 1(2):46-48.