Evidence-Based Medicine: An Introduction for Medical Students

Diana Diao, Brandon Galm, Sandy Shamon


Despite its recent development, evidence-based medicine (EBM) is increasingly being implemented in clinical practice, taught in medical schools, and relied upon in government policy-making. Although the principles guiding EBM may seem simple, the translation of scientific and clinical evidence into medical practice has inherent challenges. This review of EBM provides an overview of the history and development of EBM. In addition, we discuss some of the current academic groups that provide EBM resources, specifically the Cochrane Collaboration and the Therapeutics Initiative. We also present several challenges that face the practice of EBM and the barriers that persist in the medical curricula as educators strive to teach these concepts.

Full text (PDF, 484KB)

Diao D, Galm B, Shamon S. Evidence-Based Medicine: An Introduction for Medical Students. UBCMJ. 2009 1(1):16-18.