UBCMJ Volume 1, Issue 1


UBCMJ Takes Off
UBCMJ Volume 1, Issue 1 [3.3MB]


Academic Discourse and the Modern-Day Health Science Student: the Value of Publication and the Development of the UBC Medical Journal
Pamela Verma, Diane Wu
UBCMJ 2009 1(1):5-6.

Letter from the UBC Dean of Medicine
Gavin Stuart
UBCMJ 2009 1(1):7.

Letter from the BC Minister of Health Services
Kevin Falcon
UBCMJ 2009 1(1):8.


Methadone Maintenance Treatment: A Study of Patient’s Perspective in Prince George, British Columbia
William J. A. Connors
UBCMJ 2009 1(1):9-11.


Vocal Cord Dysfunction: Current Understanding and Approach to Disease
Sandy Shamon
UBCMJ 2009 1(1):12-15.

Evidence-Based Medicine: An Introduction for Medical Students
Diana Diao, Brandon Galm, Sandy Shamon
UBCMJ 2009 1(1):16-18.


Community Partnerships Make Youth a Priority at the Vancouver Native Health Clinic
Mary Rendell, Mike Rivers-Bowerman, Grahame Quan, Akin Famuyide, Georgia Geller, Arianna Watts, Andrea Thamboo
UBCMJ 2009 1(1):21-22.

How to Save the Lives of Millions: Rx for Sustainability
Caroline A. Walker
UBCMJ 2009 1(1):23-24.

Psychiatric Deinstitutionalization in BC: Negative Consequences and Possible Solution
Alison Read
UBCMJ 2009 1(1):25-26.

Can You Put a Price on a Cure for HIV/AIDS?
Iris Liu
UBCMJ 2009 1(1):27-28.


Fresh Perspectives: An Experience from an HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Course
Jeanine Marshall
UBCMJ 2009 1(1):29.

Effective Reduction of Adhesive Capsulitis Pain With a Suprascapular Nerve Block Given in a Primary Care Clinic
Peter G.D. Rose, Navid Prasad, Rob Lloyd-Smith, Nick Rose, Michael Koehle, Donald McKenzie
UBCMJ 2009 1(1):30-33.