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Currently accepting submissions for the upcoming Spring 2016 issue!

Posted October 09, 2015

The theme for this issue is Marginalized Populations. The health of marginalized populations is an ongoing concern for health professionals and policymakers. The unique circumstances of these populations mandates that greater focus is given to learning about, assessing, and addressing their health needs. While it is well understood that the social determinants of health play an important role in the overall health of all individuals, there is no consensus on how best to address these determinants and equalize health opportunities across the population. Specifically, in the Canadian context, Aboriginal health is a key political and public health topic that receives a considerable amount of media coverage. As future healthcare professionals, we must take the initiative to better understand this public health topic from an objective standpoint. Becoming better informed about existing health disparities in our patient population is the first and necessary step towards reducing these inequalities and providing sensitive patient-centred care.

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Join the legacy! Become part of the UBC Medical Journal Team

Posted September 05, 2015

Your enthusiasm and excitement are the CORE of our organization – we need dedicated individuals to take a leadership role and continue promoting and building our journal!

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Currently accepting submissions for the upcoming Fall 2015 issue!

Posted January 26, 2015

The theme for this issue is Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAMs). These historic and diverse medical practices—although given little focus in our curriculum—have emerged as an important topic in healthcare due to controversies over their use. Debates and ethical quandaries arise when addressing the role of these practices in our society and the limited knowledge of patients and physicians regarding the safety and efficacy of these practices. This controversy gives rise to litigations wherein patients opt for alternative medicines over conventional options. Specifically as future health care professionals, we should be informed about the interplay of CAMs and conventional Western medicines.

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