UBCMJ Volume 7, Issue 2

UBCMJ Volume 7, Issue 2

Marginalized Populations UBCMJ Volume 7, Issue 2 [14.6 MB] EDITORIAL Marginalization in health care Ribeiro, A., Khamis, N. UBCMJ. 2016: 7.2 (4) FEATURE Prison health: Interview with Dr. Ruth Martin Tsui, C. UBCMJ. 2016: 7.2 (5-6) Linking in and linking across using a RICHER Model: Social pediatrics and inter professional practices at UBC Loock, C., Suleman, S., Lynam, J., Scott, […]

Currently accepting submissions for the upcoming Fall 2016 issue!

The theme of the upcoming Fall 2016 issue of the UBCMJ pertains to Mental Health. Psychological well-being is an integral yet often overlooked aspect of health care. The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health reports that 1 in 5 Canadians experience mental health or addiction issues in any given year, and mental health is one […]

InspireHealth: Physicians Providing Integrative Cancer Care

Lawrence Kei. UBCMJ 2012 4(1):34. Full text (PDF, 731KB)

On MD/PhD Programs and Becoming a Clinician-Scientist

Ranita Manocha. UBCMJ 2012 4(1):32. Full text (PDF, 1183KB)

The Rural Medicine Conundrum: Steps in the Right Direction, and the Difficult Road Ahead

Goldis Chami. UBCMJ 2012 3(2):29-30. Full text (PDF, 751KB)

The Multiple Paths to a Career in Emergency Medicine

Andrei Karpov, Maurice Agha. UBCMJ 2012 4(1):28-29. Full text (PDF, 747KB)

Online Videos: A New Tool for Medical Education

Joseph Andrews. UBCMJ 2012 4(1):26-27. Full text (PDF, 756KB) ABSTRACT Currently, most Canadian medical schools educate students on core biomedical knowledge through lecture-based courses. However, recent studies indicate that passive lecture-based university courses fail to educate students in an efficient manner. In response, Dr. Sebastian Thrun and Sal Khan separately developed successful online educational models that engage […]

Nurse Practitioners – An Underutilized Resource

Danny Guo, Kevin Zuo. UBCMJ 2012 4(1):24-26. Full text (PDF, 805KB) ABSTRACT The nurse practitioner (NP) is a relatively new care provider in the Canadian healthcare system. NPs are registered nurses (RNs) with extensive clinical experience and higher education to conduct advanced health assessments, make diagnoses, order and interpret lab tests, prescribe drugs, perform advanced interventions, monitor outcomes, […]