Accepting submissions for Spring 2017 issue

The UBC Medical Journal is now accepting high-quality submissions for the Spring 2017 issue, which concerns critical advances in technology affecting healthcare. From the ability to detect rare germ-line variants which predispose multiple sclerosis to the generation of highly efficacious cell-based treatments for cancer, high-throughput sequencing techniques and genetic engineering have afforded considerable improvements to patient care. In other avenues, proteomic network analysis is enabling us for the first time to understand the evolution of cell lineages while coupling ultrasound with robotic engineering resolves the dynamic architecture of organs during laparoscopic surgery. The aim of this UBCMJ issue to explore the challenges and inform on the interplay between technology and medicine as these fields align to keep our society healthy. Furthermore, we hope that this issue will help identify areas of healthcare that are in critical need of support from recent technological advances.

We are accepting submissions that address any aspect of this topic. Submissions can fall into one of the following categories: Academic Research, Reviews, Commentaries, News and Letters, Global Health, and Case and Elective Reports. We also accept submissions that do not fall into this theme. The submission deadline of our Spring 2016 issue is October 14, 2016. Submissions can be made via our online submission system here.

To encourage and recognize high quality writing, we will be presenting the UBCMJ Distinguished Writing Award (with a $250 honorarium) to the strongest article submitted in the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 issues.