UBCMJ Volume 8, Issue 1

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Mental Health
UBCMJ Volume 8, Issue 1
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Mental health in 2016: Current events and clinically actionable insights from neuroscience
Mansoor Y., Squair J.W.
UBCMJ. 2016: 8.1 (3-4)

In memoriam: Laura Taylor
McMillan J.
UBCMJ. 2016: 8.1 (5)


When learning about the brain gets personal
Krebs C., Beasley C.
UBCMJ. 2016: 8.1 (6)

Physician stress in the context of medical aid in dying
Siden H.
UBCMJ. 2016: 8.1 (7-8)

Models and mechanisms in neurodegeneration: Towards neuroprotective therapy in Huntington disease
Raymond L. A
UBCMJ. 2016: 8.1 (9-11)

Mental illness and significant cognitive impairment among socially marginalized adults in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside
Jones A. A., Willi T. S., Honer W. G.
UBCMJ. 2016: 8.1 (12-13)


The association between female-factor infertility and depression and anxiety
Rockwood N.M., Pendergast A.
UBCMJ. 2016: 8.1 (14-16)


The role of BDNF in Huntington Disease: A targeted analysis of 12 microarray studies
Xie R., Yang S., Ma F., Zhao E.Y.
UBCMJ. 2016: 8.1 (17-22)

Temporal changes in age at onset of multiple sclerosis: Importance of controlling for equal observation time
Pirvoaica M. D., Kingwell E., Shirani A., Zhu F., Zhao Y., Fisk J. D., Bhan V., Carruthers R., Marrie R. A., Tremlett H.
UBCMJ. 2016: 8.1 (23-26)

Credible, centralized, safe, and stigma-free: What youth with bipolar disorder want when seeking health information online
Noack K., Balram Elliott N., Canas E., Lane K., Paquette A., Lavigne J. M., Bipolar Youth Action Group, Michalak E. E.
UBCMJ. 2016: 8.1 (27-31)

Resolution of acquired von Willebrand Syndrome secondary to hypertrophic
obstructive cardiomyopathy following septal myectomy
Hoggarth J., Rakowski H., Yeo, E., Ralph-Edwards A.
UBCMJ. 2016: 8.1 (32-33)

Could anticoagulation with Rivaroxaban have precipitated a spinal epidural hematoma: From independent mobility to paraplegia
Sarwal G., Dandurand C., Lee A. Y., Vu V. H.
UBCMJ. 2016: 8.1 (34-37)


The resurrection of psychedelic psychiatry and its role in addiction treatment
Skocylas R.
UBCMJ. 2016: 8.1 (38-39)

Tackling social isolation and loneliness through community exercise programs for seniors
Hwang J., Wang L., Jones C.
UBCMJ. 2016: 8.1 (40-41)

I would tell you if I could: Language loss, depression, and the challenge of treating patients with aphasia
Morrison M.
UBCMJ. 2016: 8.1 (42-43)


Concussion and mental health: A concise review
Ip A. H.
UBCMJ. 2016: 8.1 (44-45)

The lasting effects of childhood trauma on mental health in adulthood: Current knowledge and practical next steps for clinical practice
Lake S.
UBCMJ. 2016: 8.1 (46-47)

Burnout and mental illness among Canadian physicians
Rheaume, A.
UBCMJ. 2016: 8.1 (48-49)