UBCMJ Volume 7, Issue 2


Marginalized Populations
UBCMJ Volume 7, Issue 2 [14.6 MB]


Marginalization in health care
Ribeiro, A., Khamis, N.
UBCMJ. 2016: 7.2 (4)


Prison health: Interview with Dr. Ruth Martin
Tsui, C.
UBCMJ. 2016: 7.2 (5-6)

Linking in and linking across using a RICHER Model: Social pediatrics and inter professional practices at UBC
Loock, C., Suleman, S., Lynam, J., Scott, L., Tyler, I.
UBCMJ. 2016: 7.2 (7-9)

At ease in the Downtown Eastside: One family physician’s perspective
Yau, S.
UBCMJ. 2016: 7.2 (10-11)


Point-of-care ultrasound in undergraduate medical education: A survey of University of British Columbia medical student attitudes
Prager, R., McCallum, J., Kim, D., Neitzel, A.
UBCMJ. 2016: 7.2 (12-16)

The meaning(s), barriers and facilitators of Anishinaabe health: Implications for culturallysafe health care
Madjedi, K., Daya, R.
UBCMJ. 2016: 7.2 (17-18)


The right to accessible healthcare: Bringing palliative services to Toronto’s homeless and vulnerably housed
Cipkar, C., Dosani, N.
UBCMJ. 2016: 7.2 (19-20)

Moving towards a weight-neutral approach to obesity management
Parsons, D.
UBCMJ. 2016: 7.2 (21-23)

Screening for interpersonal violence: Understanding SAFE
Verma, P., Maleki, M.
UBCMJ. 2016: 7.2 (24-25)

The utility of U.S. medical electives to the Canadian medical student
Mustafa, M., Stein, M.
UBCMJ. 2016: 7.2 (26-27)

Cultural immersion placements as a tool for cultural safety education for medical students
Madjedi, K., Daya, R.
UBCMJ. 2016: 7.2 (28-29)

Health advocacy in action: The implementation of an early literacy initiative in Vancouver
Liu, R., Zazoulina, J., Dueckman, J., Vadeanu, C.
UBCMJ. 2016: 7.2 (30-31)


From vision to action: An analysis of BC’s mental health and substance abuse plan
Rheaume, A.
UBCMJ. 2016: 7.2 (32-33)

The past, present, and future of HIV in Canada: An interview with the director of clinical education at the British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
Galts, C.
UBCMJ. 2016: 7.2 (34-35)

Problems and solutions in the health of older adults
Ip, A., Madden, K.
UBCMJ. 2016: 7.2 (36-37)

Not so universal health care: The neglect of immigrant and refugee health in Canada
Lake, S.
UBCMJ. 2016: 7.2 (38-39)

A picture of trans Canadians’ health and access to healthcare
Jones, A.
UBCMJ. 2016: 7.2 (40-41)

How are Canada’s doctors being trained to address the needs of marginalized populations across the specturm of medical education?
Jutras, M.
UBCMJ. 2016: 7.2 (42-43)


A clinical review of the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of opioid-related harms
Zivanovic, R., Wood, E., Nolan, S.
UBCMJ. 2016: 7.2 (44)


Global variations in Western medicine
Fung, V., Hemmons, P.
UBCMJ. 2016: 7.2 (48)