UBCMJ Volume 6, Issue 2


Health Advocacy: Leading change in our communities
UBCMJ Volume 6, Issue 2 [4.67 MB]


Defining Health Advocacy in Medical Education
Shelly Chopra, John Peel
UBCMJ 2015 6(2):4-5.


Health Advocacy
Carolyn Bennett
UBCMJ 2015 6(2):6-7.

Becoming a Health Advocate: An Interview with Erica Frank
Sian Tsuei, Erica Frank
UBCMJ 2015 6(2):8-10.


A Survey of Parental Barriers to Using Pain-Reduction Strategies During Childhood Immunizations
Alex Zhao, Renata Leong, William Watson
UBCMJ 2015 6(2):11-14.

Length of Family Medicine Training and Readiness for Independent Practice: Residents’ Perspectives at One Canadian University
Kristyn Jewell, Christie Newton, Shafik Dharamsi
UBCMJ 2015 6(2):15-19.


The Clinical Presentation and Diagnosis of Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada Syndrome
Bhupinder Johala, Herman Johala, Andrew Lukaris
UBCMJ 2015 6(2):20-22.

Case Report: Appendiceal Mucocele, an Uncommon Answer to Common Symptoms
Andrew Wilson, Thomas L. Perry, Ormond N. Panton
UBCMJ 2015 6(2):23-25.


Early Interprofessional Collaboration Through Student–Run Clinics
Diana Kim, Newvick Lee
UBCMJ 2015 6(2):26-27.

An Introduction to Health Professionals’ Role in Addressing Human Trafficking
Riley Golby, Sian Hsiang-Te Tsuei, Alisha Zacharias
UBCMJ 2015 6(2):28-30.

Workplace Psychological Health among Canadian Nurses
David Gavin Martin
UBCMJ 2015 6(2):30-32.


Physician Leadership: Learning from Dr. Bill Cavers, President of Doctors of BC
Alvin Ip
UBCMJ 2015 6(2):33-34.

Looking at the Role of Physician Health Advocacy in the Canadian Health Care System
Andrea Jones
UBCMJ 2015 6(2):34-35.

Facing Down the Threat: Canada and the Fight against Global Health Crises-Focus on the 2014 Ebola Outbreak
Stephanie Lake
UBCMJ 2015 6(2):35-36.


Esophageal Cancer and Management of Localized Disease: A Review
Matthew Chan, Rohit Paib, Frank Wong, John Hay, Eric Yoshida
UBCMJ 2015 6(2):37-40.

Childhood Poverty and Parental Stress: Important Determinants of Health
Jennifer A. Kalil
UBCMJ 2015 6(2):41-43.


Anatomy of a Stem Cell Drive: An Evidence–Based Approach to Stem Cell Drive Organization
Warren Fingrut
UBCMJ 2015 6(2):44-46.