UBCMJ Volume 6, Issue 1


Healthcare in the World of Tomorrow
UBCMJ Volume 6, Issue 1 [9.74 MB]


Healthcare in the World of Tomorrow: What the Future Holds for Medical Education
John Peel, Shelly Chopra Andrew Purssell, Ruphen Shaw
UBCMJ 2014 6(1):4-5.


The World to be Gained: The Future of the Doctor–Patient Encounter
Philip C Hébert
UBCMJ 2014 6(1):6-8.

The Future Family Practice Medical Home – a Brand New Building or Just a Renovation?
Gurdeep Parhar
UBCMJ 2014 6(1):9-11.


High-Intensity Telemedicine: An Innovative Healthcare Delivery Model to Reduce Emergency  Department Visits for Seniors
Martin Badowski
UBCMJ 2014 6(1):12-14.

Electronic Medical Records in Primary Care: Are we There Yet?
Gurinder Singh Grewal
UBCMJ 2014 6(1):15-16.

Community Paramedicine: A Preventive Adjunct to Traditional Primary Care
Andrew Guy
UBCMJ 2014 6(1):17-18.

The Future of Assisted Reproductive Technology: Insights from Dr. Hitkari
Clarus Leung
UBCMJ 2014 6(1):19-20.

The Evolving Roles in Anesthesiology and the Team-based Model
David Gavin Martin
UBCMJ 2014 6(1):21-23.

Health Advocacy and Promotion in a Vancouver Inner-city Elementary School: Lessons From the HealthstART Program
Sarah Wang, Lu Qiao, Graeme D.M. Bell, Joy Qiao
UBCMJ 2014 6(1):24-25.


This Is the End: Our Post–Antibiotic World
Shelly Fan
UBCMJ 2014 6(1):26.

Choosing a Specialty: Resources to Consider
Pretty Verma
UBCMJ 2014 6(1):27-28.


Assessing Early Childhood Nutritional Practices in Rural Uganda
Vicky Cheng, Erin Charman, Caitlin Pastorek, Trevor Hedges, Videsh Kapoor
UBCMJ 2014 6(1):29-37.


Tissue Engineering in Medicine
Daljeet Chahal
UBCMJ 2014 6(1):38-40.


Top of the World Stem Cell Drive: A Case Study in Rural Stem Cell Donor Recruitment
Warren Fingrut
UBCMJ 2014 6(1):41-43.