UBCMJ Volume 4, Issue 1


The Healthcare Job Market
UBCMJ Volume 4, Issue 1 [14.3 MB]


Healthcare in Canada: Privatization and How to Contain It
Connor Forbes, Erica Tsang
UBCMJ. 2012 4(1):4-5.


What Drives Continuing Evolution of Careers in Medicine and Healthcare?
David F. Hardwick
UBCMJ. 2012 4(1):6-7.

The Times They Are A-Changin
Shelly Ross
UBCMJ. 2012 4(1):7-9.


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Appreciating the Complexities and Implications of Diagnosis for Primary Care
Kristi Panchuk, M. Judith Lynam
UBCMJ. 2012 4(1):10-15.

How Genomics is Changing Medical Practice
Ruth Thomas et. al.
UBCMJ. 2012 4(1):15-17.


Rhabdomyolysis Causing Acute Kidney Injury in a Patient with Multiple Risk Factors and an Underlying Inflammatory Muscle Disease: A Case Report
Christopher Little, Sean Hamilton, John Shik
UBCMJ. 2012 4(1):20-22.

Elective Report: A European Take on Neuro-Anesthesia
Ambica Parmar
UBCMJ. 2012 4(1):22-23.


Nurse Practitioners – An Underutilized Resource
Danny Guo, Kevin Zuo
UBCMJ. 2012 4(1):24-26.

Online Videos: A New Tool for Medical Education
Joseph Andrews
UBCMJ. 2012 4(1):26-27.


The Multiple Paths to a Career in Emergency Medicine
Andrei Karpov, Maurice Agha
UBCMJ. 2012 4(1):28-29

The Rural Medicine Conundrum: Steps in the Right Direction, and the Difficult Road Ahead
Goldis Chami
UBCMJ. 2012 3(2):29-30.

Canadians Studying Abroad as a Solution to Canada’s Health Human Resource Challenge: A Medical Student’s Perspective
Elisa Kharazi
UBCMJ. 2012 4(1):30-31.

On MD/PhD Programs and Becoming a Clinician-Scientist
Ranita Manocha
UBCMJ. 2012 4(1):32.

Dr. Brian Day and Dr. Robert Woollard on the Future Role of Privatized For-Profit Medicine in the Canadian Healthcare System
Marko Yurkovich
UBCMJ. 2012 4(1):33-34.

InspireHealth: Physicians Providing Integrative Cancer Care
Lawrence Kei
UBCMJ. 2012 4(1):34.