UBCMJ Volume 3, Issue 2

Preventative Medicine
UBCMJ Volume 3, Issue 2 [29.3 MB]


The Evolving Practice of Preventative Medicine
Julia Pon, Michelle Lai
UBCMJ. 2012 3(2):4-5.


Bicycling: Health Risk or Benefit
Kay Teschke, Conor C.O. Reynolds, Francis J. Ries,  Brian Gouge, Meghan Winters
UBCMJ. 2012 3(2):6-11.


A Survey Assessment of the Vancouver Native Youth Initiative by Youth and Volunteers
Nathan Wong, Jessica Macleod, Trenton Kellock, Kali Romano, Ryan Truanta
UBCMJ. 2012 3(2):14-18.


Food of the Gods: The Role of Chocolate in Cardiovascular Health
Katherine Milbers
UBCMJ. 2012 3(2):19-22.

Management of Retinopathy and Neuropathy in Diabetes
Reena Pabari, Aravind Ganesh
UBCMJ. 2012 3(2):22-26.


Intratubular Germ Cell Neoplasia in the Pediatric Population: A Case Report
Kristin M. DeGirolamo, David Dix, Monica Langer,  John Masterson
UBCMJ. 2012 3(2):27-32.

Homeopathy as an Adjunct to Allopathic Therapy
Luvdeep Malhi, Ram S. Saini
UBCMJ. 2012 3(2):32-34.


Book Review: The China Study
Katie Tyzuk
UBCMJ. 2012 3(2):38-39.

The Impact of Low Literacy on Health
Danny Guo
UBCMJ. 2012 3(2):39-41.

Multi-Disciplinary Health Prevention: St. Paul’s Hospital Healthy Heart Program
Chistopher Cheung, Bonnie McNaughton
UBCMJ. 2012 3(2):41-43.

Pain Assessment in Patients: Will Objectifying Pain Ever Be Possible?
Grace S. Y. Chan
UBCMJ. 2011 3(2):43-44.


Talking Suicide, Advocacy, and Politics with the Honourable Dr. Fry
Ranita Manocha
UBCMJ. 2012 3(2):45-46.

Evidence for the Benefits of Carbohydrate Restriction in Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes
Megan Burns
UBCMJ. 2012 3(2):46-47.

Insite: A Harm Reduction Success Story
Simon Jones
UBCMJ. 2012 3(2):47-48.

Gene Expression and Social Interaction: Examining the Interplay between Socioeconomic Status, Stress, and Epigenetics
Maurice Agha
UBCMJ. 2012 3(2):49-50.

Hip Fractures: Not Just Another Broken Bone
Lawrence Kei
UBCMJ. 2012 3(2):50-51.

Should Patients, Medical Students, and Healthcare Professionals Use Wikipedia?
Charlie Zhang
UBCMJ. 2012 3(2):51-52

Educate to Prevent: A Look at Concussion Prevention
Amber Jarvie
UBCMJ. 2012 3(2):52.