UBCMJ Volume 3, Issue 1

The Aging Issue
UBCMJ Volume 3, Issue 1 [15.5 MB]


Adapting Canadian Healthcare to an Aging Population
Julia Pon, Michelle Lai
UBCMJ. 2011 3(1):5.


A New Lens to Look at Aging: Clinical Pearls that I Wish I Knew when I was a Medical Student
Roger Y. Wong
UBCMJ. 2011 3(1):6-7.


Accelerated Aging in Patients with Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome: Clinical Signs, Molecular Causes, Treatments, and Insights into the Aging Process
Justin Parreno, Alyssa V. Cruz
UBCMJ. 2011 3(1):8-12.

Management of Chronic Kidney Disease and End-Stage Renal Disease in Diabetes
Aravind Ganesh, Kovid Lee
UBCMJ. 2011 3(1):13-16.


Assessing the Value of Preventive Ophthalmologic Care in Ghana
Trenton J. Bowen
UBCMJ. 2011 3(1):17-19.


A Continuum of Oral Care for the Aging Baby Boomers – UBC’s Geriatric Dentistry Program
Charlene Tai
UBCMJ. 2011 3(1):20.

The Future Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease – an Interview with Dr. Song
Amber Jarvie
UBCMJ. 2011 3(1):21-24.

Why Geriatrics is Important to You
Alyson Wong
UBCMJ. 2011 3(1):24.

The Night Shift: A Talk by Dr. Brian Goldman
Calvin Tong
UBCMJ. 2011 3(1):25-26.

Endurance Exercise, the Fountain of Youth, and the Mitochondrial Key
Simon Jones
UBCMJ. 2011 3(1):26-27.

Unraveling the Role of Lipid Metabolism in Alzheimer’s Disease
Megan M. J. Burns
UBCMJ. 2011 3(1):27-28.

University of British Columbia Conference on Dementia 2011
Sharon C. May
UBCMJ. 2011 3(1):28.

A Sight for Old Eyes: Front-line Research of Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Jonathan Chi, Jay C. C. Wang, Timothy Ratzlaff
UBCMJ. 2011 3(1):29-30.

Playing for Fitness – Helping Seniors Stay Active
Ranita H. Manocha
UBCMJ. 2011 3(1):30-31.

The Federation of Medical Women of Canada
Jonathan Chi
UBCMJ. 2011 3(1):31-32.

Why We Should All Edit Wikipedia
James Heilman
UBCMJ. 2011 3(1):32-33.


Understanding Integrated Care: The Aboriginal Health Initiative Heads North
Kali Romano, Amy Passmore, Trent Kellock, Jennifer Nevin
UBCMJ. 2011 3(1):34-35.

Providing Quality End-of-Life Care: A Look at the Essentials of Care and the Adequacy of Instruction in Canadian Medical School Curricula
Adrian Matthews, Jill Greenspoon
UBCMJ. 2011 3(1):36-37.

How Low Can It Go? Trends, Benefits, and Risks of Expanding the Definition of Hypertension
Alex Ng, Alan Tung
UBCMJ. 2011 3(1):38-39.


Focal Nodular Hyperplasia: A Case Report of Rare Multiple Ruptures of a Common Liver Tumour in a Single Patient
Stephen W. Chung, Kristin M. DeGirolamo
UBCMJ. 2011 3(1):40-42.