UBCMJ Volume 2, Issue 2

Rural Medicine
UBCMJ Volume 2, Issue 2 [15.5 MB]


Canadian Health Care: A Focus on Rural Medicine
Nicolas Bilbey, Shifana Lalani
UBCMJ 2011 2(2):7-8.


Sustaining the Health Care Services of Rural Communities: The Role of the University
Stefan Grzybowski
UBCMJ 2011 2(2):9-10.

The Society of Rural Physicians of Canada: An Appreciation
John Wootton
UBCMJ 2011 2(2):10-11.


Assessment and Management of Anemia in a Population of Children Living in the Indian Himalayas: A Student-Led Initiative
Diala El-Zammar, Matthew Yan, Cindy Huang, Dianne Fang, Fiona Petigara, Luke Bornn, Tyler Ngai, Sanja Brkanovic, Jaspreet Khangura, Noah Alexander, Saelle Hendry, Jonathan Lubin, Christopher Wallis, Jason Ford, Videsh Kapoor
UBCMJ 2011 2(2):12-18.


The Importance of Cultural Awareness in Global Health – Experiences from Botswana
Rabia Bana
UBCMJ 2011 2(2):19-20.

Mental Health Considerations in Refugee Populations
Fareen I. Karachiwalla
UBCMJ 2011 2(2):20-22.

Dispatch: Cuban Health – A Public Matter
Blair G. Fulton
UBCMJ 2011 2(2):22-23.


One Resident, Thirty-Five Cameras: Sharing the Stories of Inuvik Youth
Ranita H. Manocha
UBCMJ 2011 2(2):26.

Why a Distributed Medical School Should Increase Rural Physician Development
Jonathan Y. T. Chi
UBCMJ 2011 2(2):27.

Canada Hosts First ACP Internal Medicine Meeting
Abhijat Kitchlu, Aleksandra Leligdowicz
UBCMJ 2011 2(2):28.

First Annual Family Medicine Conference for Medical Students at UBC
UBCMJ 2011 2(2):29.

2010 Rural Emergency Continuum of Care Conference
Jennifer Y. Quan
UBCMJ 2011 2(2):30.


Dr. Peter Newbery – A Leading Pioneer of Rural Medicine
Jennifer Y. Quan
UBCMJ 2011 2(2):31.


Acute Olympic Hepatitis: A Medical Experience from the Vancouver 2010 Games
Pamela Verma, Mazhar Haque, Susan P.L. Tha, James R. Gray, Eric M. Yoshida
UBCMJ 2011 2(2):32-35.

The Hidden Time Bomb Explodes: A Previously Asymptomatic and Undiagnosed Hepatocellular Carcinoma Presenting as a Tumour Rupture
Inna Sekirov, Carrie Yeung, Allison C. Harris, Jennifer Montis, Albert Chang, Eric M. Yoshida
UBCMJ 2011 2(2):35-37.

The Clinical Presentation and Diagnosis of Primary Cardiac Amyloidosis
Amber L. Jarvie, Jason Waechter, Lise Matzke, Michael Allard, Carol-Ann Courneya
UBCMJ 2011 2(2):38-41.

A Case of Interstitial Cutaneous Sarcoidosis
Megan Isaac-Renton, Sanjay Siddha
UBCMJ 2011 2(2):42-44.