Medicare in BC: Choosing an Evidence-Based Future

Rupinder Brar, Matthew Cooper, Spencer Cleave, Persia Pourshahnazari


Health care in Canada is a contentious topic that sparks much debate. Discussions on the future of Medicare pit public and profit-driven health care delivery models against each another, often with wait times at the forefront of the dispute. By examining the current legal challenges in British Columbia, analyzing the peer-reviewed evidence, and exploring various initiatives that decrease wait times without profit motives, we strive to illustrate the importance and feasibility of maintaining all five central pillars of the Canada Health Act: accessibility, universality, comprehensiveness, public administration, and portability.

KEYWORDS: Medicare; health care; Canada; public sector; private sector

Full text (PDF, 571KB)

Brar R, Cooper M, Cleave S, Pourshahnazari P. Medicare in BC: Choosing an Evidence-Based Future. UBCMJ. 2010 2(1):42-43.