UBCMJ Volume 13, Issue 1

Medicine of the Future
UBCMJ Volume 13, Issue 1 


Medicine of the Future
Emily Leung, Rehan Jessa
UBCMJ. 2021: 13.1 (3-4)


Advancing the treatment of opioid use disorder in British Columbia
Paxton Bach
UBCMJ. 2021: 13.1 (5-6)

Same disease, similar measures, varied outcomes: Research to improve understanding of why results in curbing COVID-19 have been so different across jurisdictions around the world?
Peter Berman, Shelly Keidar, Mahrukh Zahid, Md Zabir Hasan, David M. Patrick, and the UBC Working Group on Health Systems Response to COVID-19
UBCMJ. 2021: 13.1 (7-9)

The medicine of the future in the light of a pandemic and a hidden pandemic
Reinhard Krausz, Michael Song, Mohommad Nikoo
UBCMJ. 2021: 13.1 (10-11)


Antihypertensive therapy in acute ischemic stroke
Alexander Friedmann, Julian Marsden
UBCMJ. 2021: 13.1 (12-15)

Dyspepsia: a review of investigations and management for pre-clinical medical students
Igor Sljivic, Leila Keyvan
UBCMJ. 2021: 13.1 (16-18)

A literature review of impact of social determinants of health on preventative oral health program design in remote communities: A focus on Spiti Valley, India
Shiny Sachdeva, Videsh Kapoor
UBCMJ. 2021: 13.1 (19-23)


Rapid induction of buprenorphine/naloxone from methadone using a micro-dosing approach for opioid use disorder treatment in an inpatient setting: A case report
Hannah James, Seonaid Nolan, Nadia Fairbairn
UBCMJ. 2021: 13.1 (24-26)

A mixed presentation of septic pelvic thrombophlebitis: a case report
Gabriel Chan, Jill Gilroy
UBCMJ. 2021: 13.1 (27-29)


Gender affirming surgery: The future lies in data
Emma Loy
UBCMJ. 2021: 13.1 (30-31)

An interview with Dr. Prior: progesterone and the future of women’s health research
Sewon Bann, Jerilynn Prior
UBCMJ. 2021: 13.1 (32-33)

Biological hurdles to pancreatic islet transplantation: where are we at, and where are we going?
Amardeep Sekhon
UBCMJ. 2021: 13.1 (34-35)

New health-focused smartwatches represent a possible paradigm shift for disease screening, but at what cost?
Ryan Chow
UBCMJ. 2021: 13.1 (36-37)

A palliative approach to care: lack of practice standards in sharing goals of care conversations
Sydney L. Sparanese, Umilla Stead
UBCMJ. 2021: 13.1 (38-40)

Vaccination fascination: exploring unintended consequences of sharing COVID-19 vaccination status on social media
Crystal McLeod, Candace Collins, Dr. Nikesh Adunuri
UBCMJ. 2021: 13.1 (41-42)

Vaccines for cocaine addiction: Where we’re going and why doctors should pay attention
Lauren Gorfinkel
UBCMJ. 2021: 13.1 (43-44)


Microbiome modulation through fecal microbiota transplant: A strategy to overcome melanoma immunotherapy resistance
Rebecca Zhuang
UBCMJ. 2021: 13.1 (45-46)

Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic control measures on the human microbiome
Maggie Hou
UBCMJ. 2021: 13.1 (47-48)

Applying machine learning to abstract screening: Reducing the workload associated with systematic reviews
Iman Baharmand, Sorayya Seddig
UBCMJ. 2021: 13.1 (49-50)

Presumed consent in organ donation: The next step for Canada?
Wajid I. Khan
UBCMJ. 2021: 13.1 (51-52)

The mouse is mightier than the pen: How electronic medical records have shaped modern medicine
Braedon Paul
UBCMJ. 2021: 13.1 (53-54)