UBCMJ Volume 12, Issue 2

Medicine in Times of Crises
UBCMJ Volume 12, Issue 2


Medicine in Times of Crises
Olivia Tsai, Emma Finlayson-Trick
UBCMJ. 2021: 12.2 (4-5)


Capturing the data moment: Effective public health communication
in a pandemic

Martin Krzywinski
UBCMJ. 2021: 12.2 (6-10)

Suicide during COVID-19: Myths, realities and lessons learned
Tyler Black, Hon. Stan Kutcher
UBCMJ. 2021: 12.2 (11-13)


Impact of sharing laboratory test costs and required blood volumes
on resident test ordering

Norbert Banyi, Janet Simons
UBCMJ. 2021: 12.2 (14-19)

Brains on Canvas: Visual art as a tool for stress reduction in medical
Daveen K. Panasar, Alina G. Constantin
UBCMJ. 2021: 12.2 (20-21)


Addressing social and emotional aspects of providing healthcare
using Schwartz Rounds as an example

T. Justin Dhinsa, Paige H. Dean, Caron Strahlendorf
UBCMJ. 2021: 12.2 (22-24)

When patients lie: Factitious disorder in the family practice setting
Kirsten R. Roche, Ejike Udumaga
UBCMJ. 2021: 12.2 (25-27)


Post-extubation stridor resulting from chronic laryngeal edema
following radiotherapy
Justin Dragoman, C.L. Chiu
UBCMJ. 2021: 12.2 (28-29)

Telemedicine use for treatment of opioid use disorder and other
comorbidities during COVID-19: A case study
Valeriya Zaborska, Muhamed Amirie, Gaganjeet Mahil, Scott MacDonald, Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes
UBCMJ. 2021: 12.2 (30-32)


Access to cancer radiotherapy: The effects of geography and rurality
on patient choice of treatment
Emily O’Reilly, Michael Peacock, Rob Olson
UBCMJ. 2021: 12.2 (33-34)

Dialogue in dermatology: The importance of diverse representation
Jordanna Roesler, Victor Mocanu, Inayah Manji
UBCMJ. 2021: 12.2 (35-36)

Injectable opioid agonist therapy in British Columbia: An effective
treatment with persistent barriers
Imogen E Sirluck-Schroeder, Giselle S. Hunt, Rita J. Wakelin, Anita Weng
UBCMJ. 2021: 12.2 (37-38)

The application of healthcare quality improvement methods during
times of crises
Alessandro Cau, Jenna Smith-Forrester, Malcolm Maclure
UBCMJ. 2021: 12.2 (39-41)

Role of a medical student initiative in supporting homeless and
precariously housed populations

Lianne L. Cho, Michael J. Song, Jason Speidel
UBCMJ. 2021: 12.2 (42-43)

Helping medical students adapt to a changing planet
Kevin E Liang, Valerie Lai
UBCMJ. 2021: 12.2 (44-46)

Universal contraception: A basic human right
Arshdeep Marwaha, Jingxuan Zhao, Sydney Sparanese, Janice Mok, Karen Wang, Morgan J Haines, Thomas Hoang
UBCMJ. 2021: 12.2 (47-48)


How COVID-19 changed the landscape of medical school
Ryan Chow
UBCMJ. 2021: 12.2 (49-50)

Making climate change part of our conversations with patients
Lauren Gorfinkel
UBCMJ. 2021: 12.2 (51-52)

The impact of COVID-19 in Canada on surgical waitlists and
mitigation strategies moving forward
Brendan McNeely
UBCMJ. 2021: 12.2 (53-54)

The impact of limiting family visits in long-term care during the
COVID-19 pandemic in British Columbia
Maggie Hou, Roger Y. Wong
UBCMJ. 2021: 12.2 (55-56)

A tale of two emergencies: Managing an overdose crisis during a
Braedon Paul
UBCMJ. 2021: 12.2 (57-58)

When two health emergencies cross paths: Current developments
in the opioid epidemic in British Columbia
Wajid I. Khan
UBCMJ. 2021: 12.2 (59-60)

Post-COVID-19 Recovery: The chronic symptoms of SARS-CoV-2
Rebecca Zhuang
UBCMJ. 2021: 12.2 (61-62)