UBCMJ Volume 11, Issue 1

Medical Education
UBCMJ Volume 11, Issue 1
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The Evolving Landscape of Chronic Diseases
Wang C., Hur S.
UBCMJ. 2019: 11.1 (3-4)


Exercise is Medicine: Treatment and Prevention of Chronic Disease
Gaul C.A.
UBCMJ. 2019: 11.1 (5-6)

The Importance of Palliative Care in Chronic Disease Management
Aparicio C.
UBCMJ. 2019: 11.1 (7-8)

Chronic Disease and Rheumatology: a Continuous Challenge, a Hopeful Future
Tan J., Dehghan N.
UBCMJ. 2019: 11.1 (9-10)


Chronic Exposure to Toxic Metals as a Risk Factor for Alzheimer’s Disease: A Review
Yang L.E.
UBCMJ. 2019: 11.1 (11-13)


The Prevalence and Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease on Vancouver Island
Martindale A., Wilson L., Loomes D.
UBCMJ. 2019: 11.1 (14-15)

Using Video and Paper–Based Educational Resources to Teach Common Surgical Techniques to Pre-Clerkship Medical Students: Results from a Simulation-Based Training Workshop
Ji T.A., Butterworth S.
UBCMJ. 2019: 11.1 (16-18)

Initiating Advance Care Planning Discussions in Community-Dwelling Elders: Barriers and Facilitating Factors Influencing Family Physicians
Ji T.A., Ho J., Kow J., McGregor M.J.
UBCMJ. 2019: 11.1 (19-22)

Associations Between Physical Activity and Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Results from a Canadian National Survey
Li S.N.J.
UBCMJ. 2019: 11.1 (23-26)


Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy Induced Acute Immunologic Hepatitis: A Case Report
Akbari A., Mitchell R.A., Metcalf C., Yang H.M., Yoshida E.M.
UBCMJ. 2019: 11.1 (27-29)

An Effective Patient-Centered Approach to Chronic Pain: A Case Report
Guo M.Y., Stogicza A., Lau B., Rite L., Botteon M.C.
UBCMJ. 2019: 11.1 (30-32)


The Nocebo Effect: Impact, Mitigation and Prevention
Rokui S.
UBCMJ. 2019: 11.1 (33-34)

Community Service Learning in a Rural Indigenous Community
Hogman S., Phillips M., Duke S.
UBCMJ. 2019: 11.1 (35-36)

Considering the Role of Somatization in Persistent Post–Concussive Symptoms
Green K.E.
UBCMJ. 2019: 11.1 (37-38)


Cannabidiol as a Potential Treatment for Patients with Chronic Anxiety Disorders
Golin A.P., Paul B.R.
UBCMJ. 2019: 11.1 (39-40)

Practicing Proactive Medicine: Making Primary Prevention Our Primary Goal
Paul B.R., Golin A.P.
UBCMJ. 2019: 11.1 (41-42)

Patient–Clinician Relationships and Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy in HIV/AIDS
Bann S., Young S.
UBCMJ. 2019: 11.1 (43-44)

Spinraza & Spinal Muscular Atrophy: Moving Toward Treatment, But Not for Everyone
Syed R., Haile S.S., Issar A., Anshu K.
UBCMJ. 2019: 11.1 (45-46)

The Transgender Suicide Epidemic: What It Is and How Physicians Can Help
Bann S.
UBCMJ. 2019: 11.1 (47-48)