UBCMJ Volume 10, Issue 1

Public Health
UBCMJ Volume 10, Issue 1
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One crisis after another: The policies that shape our health
Liang C., Ye A.
UBCMJ. 2018: 10.1 (3)


Harm reduction innovation during an overdose emergency
Lysyshyn M., Buxton, J.
UBCMJ. 2018: 10.1 (4)

Wildfire smoke: Health effects and protective strategies
McVea DA., Lu J.
UBCMJ. 2018: 10.1 (5-6)


Is there a relationship between female ballet injuries and maturation? A review
Rizzardo, B.
UBCMJ. 2018: 10.1 (7-9)


Investigating gender-specific determinants of help-seeking behaviours in older adults with hearing loss who participated in a community group auditory rehabilitation and exercise program
Montagliani VR., Burdett CI., Del Medico TJ., Jones CA.
UBCMJ. 2018: 10.1 (10-13)


Pregnancy intention and reproductive care in women living with HIV
Whalen-Browne A.
UBCMJ. 2018: 10.1 (14-15)

The challenges of benzodiazepine tapering and discontinuation and an underutilized interdisciplinary approach
Fang E., Kim HSJ., Tang J., Choi C.
UBCMJ. 2018: 10.1 (16-18)

Addressing eating disorders and substance use: A call for inclusive clinical support for street-engaged youth and adults with eating disorders
Forward L., Tan CV., Ma K., Jiang C., Zhou E., Ma L., Ssebuliba E.
UBCMJ. 2018: 10.1 (19-20)

Public health and bioethics: An interdisciplinary approach
Elzayat R.
UBCMJ. 2018: 10.1 (21-22)

Underneath the opioid crisis: The forgotten patients in pain
Kamal S.
UBCMJ. 2018: 10.1 (23-24)

Inconsistencies in HPV vaccination coverage across Canada: a commentary
Park L., Gratton SM.
UBCMJ. 2018: 10.1 (25-26)


Call to action: Addressing the need for patient-reported outcome measures in Canadian healthcare practice
Paul BR.
UBCMJ. 2018: 10.1 (27-28)

Cholera in Yemen: Public health consequences of conflict
Bhatia F., Bobrowski D.
UBCMJ. 2018: 10.1 (29-30)

Public health and the fentanyl crisis in B.C.: An interview with Dr. Jane Buxton
Young, S.
UBCMJ. 2018: 10.1 (31-32)