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Prison health: Interview with Dr. Ruth Martin

Prison health: Interview with Dr. Ruth Martin

Full text (PDF, 918KB) Tsui, C. Prison health: Interview with Dr. Ruth Martin. UBCMJ. 2016: 7.2 (5-6). Clara Tsuia,°, BSc (Hons) Citation info: UBCMJ. 2016: 7.2 (5-6) °Corresponding author: a MD Student 2017, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC Ruth Elwood Martin (pictured here) is a Clinical Professor with the UBC School of Population and […]

Marginalization in health care

Full text (PDF, 1,917KB Ribeiro, A., Khamis, N. Marginalization in health care. UBCMJ. 2016: 7.2 (4). The United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals were celebrated as a groundbreaking achievement in identifying— and initiating the process of reversing—some of the world’s most dire problems.1 Fifteen years later, the United Nations is focusing its attention on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which […]

The Intersection of Biomedicine and Traditional Medicine in the Peruvian Amazon

van Soeren M, Aragon M. The Intersection of Biomedicine and Traditional Medicine in the Peruvian Amazon. UBCMJ. 2015: 7.1 (60-61). Melanie van Soeren, Melissa Aragon Abstract In Northeastern Peru, in the Amazonian district of Loreto, one million Peruvians, mostly Indigenous and Mestizo, live isolated from the rest of the rapidly developing country. This region has a rich history of […]

Mindfulness: What It Is and How It Is Impacting Healthcare

Raski MP. Mindfulness: What It Is and How It Is Impacting Healthcare. UBCMJ. 2015: 7.1 (56-59). Matias P. Raski Abstract The following is a review of literature concerning the place of mindfulness, a non-judging present-moment awareness, and techniques by which to invoke it, in Canadian healthcare. Central to the discussion are the effects of mindfulness on personal and […]

Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the Management of Lymphomas: Prevalence, Rationale, and Contraindications

ukac CD, David Twa D. Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the Management of Lymphomas: Prevalence, Rationale, and Contraindications. UBCMJ. 2015: 7.1 (52-55).Christine D. Christine D. Lukac, David Twa Abstract In Canada, lymphomas are the fifth most prevalent cancer and the incidence of this heterogeneous group of malignancies is increasing. Though recent advances in allopathic medicine with molecularly precise therapies have […]