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The UBCMJ is published by the University of British Columbia. A volunteer group of medical students and professionals who are passionate about engaging the world in dialogue in medicine oversee the day-to-day management and editorial content of the UBCMJ under the overarching supervision of the UBC Faculty of Medicine. Interested in joining us? Feel free to contact us to find out more about current and future volunteering opportunities with the UBCMJ.




2015-2016Our Team 2015-2016

Yasmeen Mansoor Co- Editor in Chief, Sr external.editor@ubcmj.com
Jordan Squair Co- Editor in Chief, Sr internal.editor@ubcmj.com
Heidi Britton Co- Editor in Chief, Jr internal.editor@ubcmj.com
Alvin Qiu Co- Editor in Chief, Jr internal.editor@ubcmj.com
Amanda Dansock Managing Editor, Sr managing.editor@ubcmj.com
David Twa Managing Editor, Sr managing.editor@ubcmj.com
Ellia Zhong Managing Editor, Jr managing.editor@ubcmj.com
Tae Hoon Lee Managing Editor, Jr managing.editor@ubcmj.com
Torey Lau Communications Manager, Sr communications@ubcmj.com
Michelle Ng Communications Manager, Jr communications@ubcmj.com
Michael Rizzuto Publications Manager, Sr
Nelson Lu Publications Manager, Jr
Section Editors
Yuhao Wu Academics, Sr academic@ubcmj.com
Mark Trinder Academics, Jr academic@ubcmj.com
Arkhjamil Angeles Case Reports, Sr reports@ubcmj.com
Pauline Luczynski Case Reports, Jr reports@ubcmj.com
Nima Omid-Fard Reviews, Sr reviews@ubcmj.com
Kristin Dawson Reviews, Jr reviews@ubcmj.com
Colin Massey Commentaries, Sr commentaries@ubcmj.com
Kaity Lalonde Commentaries, Jr commentaries@ubcmj.com
Armaan Malhotra News and Letters, Sr news@ubcmj.com
Jacqueline Regan News and Letters, Jr news@ubcmj.com
Sarah Fraser Chief Copyeditor, Sr copy.editor@ubcmj.com
Derek van Pel Chief Copyeditor, Jr copy.editor@ubcmj.com
Ahsen Chaudry Copyeditor, Sr copy.editor@ubcmj.com
Anita Dahiya Copyeditor, Sr copy.editor@ubcmj.com
David Deng Copyeditor, Sr copy.editor@ubcmj.com
Tanya MacDonell Copyeditor, Sr copy.editor@ubcmj.com
Golshan Massah Copyeditor, Sr copy.editor@ubcmj.com
Jessie Wang Copyeditor, Jr copy.editor@ubcmj.com
Jennifer Ji Artistic Director, Sr
Keely Hammond Layout Editor, Sr layout.editor@ubcmj.com
Jeremy Dick Layout & Graphics Editor, Jr layout.editor@ubcmj.com
External Support
Paul Moroz Advertising and Sponsorship, Sr sponsorship@ubcmj.com
Grace Yi Advertising and Sponsorship, Sr sponsorship@ubcmj.com
Tony Zhao Treasurer, Sr
Ivan Chiu Finances, Ads and Sponsorship, Jr sponsorship@ubcmj.com
Chris Shamatutu Finances, Ads and Sponsorship, Jr sponsorship@ubcmj.com
Gary Xu Information Technology Manager, Sr it.manager@ubcmj.com
Nelson Lu Information Technology Manager, Jr it.manager@ubcmj.com
Staff Writers
Marc Jutras Staff Writer
Ciaran Galts Staff Writer
Alan Rheaume Staff Writer
Jasper Johar Staff Writer
Sunjit Parmar Staff Writer
James Cairns Staff Writer
Distributed Site Representatives
Paul Moroz IMP Rep, Sr
Kaity Lalonde IMP Rep, Jr
Tanya MacDonell NMP Rep, Sr
Kristin Dawson NMP Rep, Jr
Sarah Fraser SMP Rep, Sr
Jeremy Dick SMP Rep, Jr
Faculty of Medicine Contacts
Linda Herbert Student Education & Research Coordinator med.studentresearch@ubc.ca
Dr. Janette McMillan Associate Dean Student Affairs associate.dean@ubc.ca